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Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Things To Be Aware Of

Dual diagnosis happens when someone is suffering from a substance abuse problem and a mental problem at the same time. At times, it is referred to as COD which is the acronym for co-occurring disorders. Drug abuse can result in mental illness, and that’s when COD happens. Drug abusers also tend to suffer from COD since that abuse can lead to being mentally ill in the long run. It’s also important to know that more than eight million Americans are suffering from COD. However, only 7.4 percent of them receive dual diagnosis treatment.

There’s also a strong relationship between mental illness and drug abuse according to recent statistics. That’s the reason why dual diagnosis treatment is needed in the first place. Just keep in mind that dual diagnosis treatment is not something that can be done easily. COD patients tend to have issues when it comes to the state of their psychology. The substance abuse problem makes it complicated for doctors to know which mental illnesses are pre-existing.

It’s not recommended to treat a COD patient just for their substance abuse or vice versa. Most of the time, COD patients suffer a relapse from substance abuse if their treatment was focused on mental illness. Also, due to the absence of dual diagnosis treatment, a lot of patients in rehab centers are experiencing relapse. A lot of patients have gone from bad to worse because they were not able to receive the dual diagnosis treatment they needed.

Making full recovery means that the patients must receive the necessary and essential dual diagnosis treatment that they need. The proper dual diagnosis treatment is also something that is provided by specific rehab centers. Having that said, you’ll want to find the right center if you want your loved to receive proper treatment.
You can also compare the dual diagnosis treatment to the seemingly eternal question about the precedence of the chicken and the egg.

It’s not that easy to know if the drug abused caused the patient’s mental illness or vice versa. Most of the time, anxiety and depression can go hand in hand, and that’s also when the substance abuse comes in. Needless to say, substance abuse can only make the mental illness worse.
Substance abuse usually trigger an underlying mental condition in and individual.

Adding to that, alcohol and drugs can only make someone’s mental issues even worse.
That also leads to patients getting addicted to drugs and alcohol in the long run.

That makes every COD patient a tricky case.

Getting the patient to admit the fact that they are an addict is a difficult thing to achieve. In order for them to get better, their body and mind must be ready to have the dual diagnosis treatment. After all, COD won’t cure itself.

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