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Dangerous Drugs You Should Know About.

You might be oblivious to the fact that there are drugs being abused regularly all over the country. If you do not know what these dangerous drugs are then you should keep on reading. Heroin is well-known by many when it comes to drug abuse but black tar heroin is not that well known. It is full of impurities yet it is being sold on a daily basis. It is known as Mexican Tar or Chiva. It is a heavily cut type of heroin. Basically, the heroin is mixed with other drugs. The dealers will not tell you the kind of drugs that have been added which means you will not know what you are taking in. Apart from that, the form you get the black tar heroin in is not ideal for smoking or injecting. You will have to find a certain acid to dissolve it in. Therefore, you will be compromising your health even further by taking it, even more than it would be the case were to take pure heroin.

You also need to take note of Foxy Methoxy, which is hallucinogenic. It will make you hear things which are non-existent. The side effects are auditory. Just because the drug has worn off does not mean the side effects go with it and this means you will be experiencing the effects for longer. The drug will also make you taste, feel, smell or see things which are only existent in your imagination. You will be taking in a substance whose Most dealers are notorious for adding more substances which you cannot pick out too. One of the dangerous drugs that have been introduced recently is Benzo Fury. It’s dangers are far reaching because it is legal to get it. There is a loophole when it comes to obtaining it because it is not meant for human use and this is clearly indicated on the label. Those who use it do not care about this warning though. It has stimulation and also hallucinogenic effects.

Benzo Fury is very potent and addictive and it will wear off after 14 hours. Those who overdose on Benzo Fury will record a very high blood pressure not forgetting the tendency to self-harm and in serious cases, people will die. The side effects hit on a higher level if you mix this drug with alcohol. You can get this drug online but it also sold in nightclubs. Fentanyl is also on this list and besides being dangerous it is an addictive drug. This synthetic opioid is 100 times as potent as morphine.