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How to Secure Your Mobile Phone and Online Accounts

The need for information has overgrown the sources of the data hence people are opting to use illegal means to get the information. The web is said to be faceless hence people will do are the manner of crimes on the internet because they know that no one can identify them. If you want to know the true colors of an individual is when they know no one can get them and that is what the internet offers. When login into any account one needs to provide the password that they were issued or selected when creating the account hence most of the people tend to have passwords that they can remember. The tomes have changed, and those simple passwords are being used anymore. In the article we will highlight some security tips that one should use to secure their accounts and mobile devices when they are online.

The individual should change the password, and that should be one of the tips of ensuring that the phone and the online account are safe. For those who had created their online accounts before the need of information increased used to have simple passwords. the easy to remember password had one type of character and could the name of the child. The password may seem to be strong to the user, but technically a password that has one type of character is a weak one. The online account require their users to out a password that is eight characters long and should contain a special character, a letter and number hence there are different types of characters. such password is referred to an as a strong password, and it is not possible to guess them.

Another tip that individual need to have when securing their mobile phones and online account is that they should have different passwords for each account they have. today it is possible for one person to have so many online accounts which means there so many passwords to remember which at some point may not be possible. the security tips that one needs to apply is to have an application that will help them manage the passwords. The application is useful and it vital to let people have the tips that the application comes with a small fee.

The two-factor authentication is the next tip that the individual should have. To login into the account the individual gets a tip to inform of text after providing the password. Some of the other security tips are that the mobile phone should have an antivirus and firewall.

In summary one should implement the list security tips to be safe when using the online account.