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Stretching Exercises Reviews

Your life can be affected by sitting down for a long period. After sitting in your office for a long time you need to have some exercises to improve your life period. The recent study shows that people who sit for a long time reduces their life period by two years. Working on an office desk is not easy to avoid sitting down. That is the reason as to why the majority have no idea of what to do simple exercise after hours of sitting. A simple exercise for you to get started are outlined in this article for you to learn. At the comfort of your office or home to reduce the impacts of sitting down you can have simple stretching exercise.

Lunge with a spinal twist will strengthen your legs and enhances your hips flexibility. The added twist engages your back, spine, and quads giving them a good stretch. Standing straight with your feet apart is the first step. You bend your right leg after a step forward and bend the right knee. Make sure your left foot is straight like a lunge position. The stretch is felt at this point on your right thigh. with your left hand on the floor outstretch the right arm towards the ceiling. On the other side you can repeat this several times.

The lunge is advisable to do barefoot to enhance better support ensuring that you do not twist your knees for it can cause injuries. To increase your shoulder and hips flexibility the downwards facing dog exercise is recommended. Not only the hamstring and mid back are stretched but blood flow into the brain is enhanced. With your hips above the knees and shoulders above the arms, you can go on all four. Note that if you are recovering from a back or shoulder injury, the child pose is advisable. It is a resting and gentle stretch, so it is great for beginners. Your lower back, shoulder, and muscles are stretched and calms your body.

On your foam exercise mat start with four spreading your knees widely. Have your hips pushed back toward your heels and your belly rest between your thighs. Extend your arms palms down in front to stretch the back with your forehead down. In that position steadily inhaling and exhaling should be done. It is recommended for the pregnant not to put pressure on the thighs but instead spread the legs widely. The discomfort of your back and neck area can be improved by the seated shoulder squeeze exercise. You need to sit on the floor and bend your knees while keeping your feet flat.

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